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The brand story of Restlay


The brand founder of RestLay was a salesman in a furniture company at his beginning of social work. He rent a small house with only 20 square mater with a small bed. Everyday, after the busy and stressful sales work, the most relaxed thing for him was lying in the bed. He lived through every happy or upset night in this bed. After the work was stable, he decided to start his own business. At the beginning of his business, he felt anxiety and can not sleep well every night because of the high pressure. When he lost sleep, he always thought of the bed that made him relaxed. One third of people’s life is spent in bed. He decided to build a brand with the name “RestLay”. And this brand is devoted to product the comfortable and economic bed. He tried to spread the relaxed and comfort concepts to every family and hope everyone can have their own relaxation time after the busy day.