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The brand story of Carelli


"Carelli", a simple, lovely, sensible five-year-old girl. Every day she liked to lie on the sofa singing or playing to wait for the father’s come back from work, but, the father's work was getting more and more busy, without waiting for the father come back, she already fell asleep unconsciously on the sofa. What remain was, when the father came home, the girl always smiled to father and said: "Daddy, I love you." . Father has been engaged in furniture developing and producing, he hoped the child could continue to lie on the comfortable sofa playing, singing, and grow happily, so he decided to name the sofa brand with the daughter’s name. The father determined to develop more comfortable, high-quality sofas, so that they could enter into every family, bringing happiness and love.

Genal Furniture adhere to the quality, natural, environmental protection of the excellent tradition, with its strong quality awareness, exquisite technology, continuous innovation to interpret the brand's core value.